Monday, December 14


If you’re reading this, by any chance, I’m really surprised and congratulations cause you’ll be one of the super rare visitors here after I feel like I abandoned this place for decades already…

Lots of things happened….I don’t even know when and where should I start…let’s just put it this way; a mixture of shock, happiness, disappointment, and virtually anything else…. THAT’s what happened from a year ago.

Personally, I prefer to blog about feelings and “inner events” rather than what I do everyday and stuffs…it’s like I’m not exactly reporting what I do everyday nor any events I attend….and that’s rather consistent with the concept of this blog.

So, instead of blogging about what I did some time go, I’ll rather describe what I FELT months ago.

Let’s just start with……say, where I stopped – AS exam. You may think I could be the type that study hard at home and all, but I can sincerely tell you that’s so wrong. In fact, at times I think AS exam is one of the lowest priority in my life…the fact that I lacked motivation for it, and I don’t exactly see a point why am I doing science when I’m horrid in Maths…so let’s just put that aside, and let the oncoming results finish the job.

Moving on from Exams and college, I found a job at a…say, a coffee shop serving >RM10 for a cup of coffee.

And what happened there, reignites a feeling that has lost in me years ago.

And just when it started to spark…

It’s diminished again.

What’s left is the feeling of missing someone in which I’ve lost years ago….

The news of her having to leave came to a trebling shocker really…unexpcted, and totally out of the script... it’s like just when I started to grow fond of her, BAM! this gotta happen…

I have to admit that I was emotionally affected after she left…more careless, more volatile and the latter caused a commotion in which ended up I’ve gotta leave the workplace as well… although deep down, I AM rather happy and feel contend working there…but I feel all these are meant to happen. It’s like everything has lined up and when it comes together, it can’t be stopped.

And so this is where I am, in this situation. For now I just want to forget her and everything happened there, and I just want to celebrate this Christmas and New Year celebrations…till then, happy holidays.

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Jay Chan said...

wow dude. I hope you will re-ignite as soon as possible and bounce back strongly. Hope you will get over her soon. My good luck wish to you.