Friday, June 12

Akon's "Freedom" Beach Concert

Okay I know I abandoned this thing for quite some time already. The reason why there's so little update is that...

1. AS exam.
2. No mood.
3. Nothing to write, because I prefer to blog feelings rather than event, therefore when thing's are not happening, I got nothing to write. I don't like to write stuffs like "today me, fren1, fren2, fren3, and fren4 went to have lunch at XXX together!" kinda stuff because I feel it's quite pointless.

Anyway, in terms of what's happening is that, AS exam is over! and MORE importantly, AKON is coming to Sunway next month!

Okay I know most of you will be like "errr...Akon? Spend RM88 for his concert? Eh gtg bye" cuz most of you are from TARC who prefer alot more to Wang Lee Hom's concert than his (DUH).

Probably if I give you free tickets for Akon's concert also you all won't go. But I'm not a typical Chinese as I always say, and hell yeah I'm looking forward to partying at his concert!

It's gonna be a beach concert at Sunway Lagoon, and I'm sure it's gonna be hell lot of fun!

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