Saturday, September 27

Happy Birthday!

It was 25th of September last Thursday. Guess what... It's my birthday! haha.... co-incidently, it was Vanessa's birthday on 23rd and Adrian's birthday a day after mine.

Therefore, some of my best friends at TAR College - Rodney, Mithi, Delinda, Vanessa, Gayathri, Isaac;- or better known as the '7somes', and the likes of Hui Joo, Danny, Su Jing, Ruhil, Edward, Adrian, Mong & Jason planned to celebrate all 3 of our birthdays together.

I must say- a big THANK YOU for these people really. You guys are my closest friends at college- no doubt bout that. Honestly, I can't recall when was the last time I blew a cake. I mean, seriously, I've not celebrated my birthday with my family for years already. Probably that time i was 4? 5? 6? years old then. I can't remember.

These people are really one of the group of nicest people I've met- no questions bout that. Living at especially a place like TAR College hasn't been as good, particularly I'm handicapped in terms of communication. Well, that is, unlike I have charisma of a friendly person or "pretty bananas" like Mei Mei or Cally =). -but that apparently doesn't seem to be the case.

That is why these people are the ones I spend most of my time wif there. Also a special thank you for Hui Joo, Hazel & Danny. This is why:

Glass cup and it's wrapper contributed by Hui Joo, Hazel & Danny

Seriously, I don't know how long it took for Hui Joo to make the card. Every bits of effort and patience. I'm speechless at 1st when I received it really. Thanks again...really appreciate it.

Moving on to other things, I must say that my Chemistry lecturer- Mr David Loh is arguably the best lecturer at TAR College. Unlike some lecturer(s), which I don't have other words to describe them other than lousy, he's really the one that know how to teach and at the same time interacting and controlling the students.

For next week's holidays, he planned a special schedule for us to "efficiently" study 10 hours a day as he always want us to do. Here's how:

Try following the schedule for a day, anyone ;) ?

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