Saturday, September 27


It took me awhile to finally created my own blog.

To be honest, this was really quite a hard work to actually finalise everything, from starting off by thinking and pondering about the suitable title, the publishing name, to da layouts and so on.

In the past, after a lengthy period of time writing on The Amigo Blog, I'm now finally on my own on expressing on my very own personal blog.
For your information, if you don't know what's about the Amigos, it's actually a group created which consist of 4 frens, including me, during Form4. The blog had actually raised alot of dramas n controversials, as it contain some really harsh languages, some difficult to swallow straight-to-the-point stuffs, and so on. 1 of the Amigos now already left to London, whereas 1 of them started his own blog about Jesus and holy thoughts, and another went M.I.A.

Anyway, the past IS the past, whereby thinking back bout it, v seem so childish arguing about things that don't matter really. It's practically pointless.

Less about the past, now basically the title of this blog, "In My Own Words" is actually an album name, much of the courtesy of Ne-Yo I'm quite a big fan of him, simply because of his music and especially lyrics that attracts me the most.

The publishing name of this blog, "beneath-those-masks" is actually inspired by the concept of dramas, whereby people pratically act in plays. The nature of actors/actress being sad, happy, nervous, terrified, etc are all fake in real world. Therefore, beneath-those-masks actually reflects my true emotions, my sincere perspectives, and my genuine feelings.

You might see me being happy all the time, cause arguably people say I actually do smile alot. You might think I'm practically a happy-go-lucky person, but deep down, I know at times I'm being pushed against my own limits.

While others think that way, some might feel I'm cocky/lansi/chuan.
This, I feel is basically due to my nature of being a quiet person and doesn't talk much.
What I can comment is that, I'm super weak in mandarin, I can hardly even understand a deeper-meaning sentence that comes out of ur mouth at times. Ironically, to add to that, I admit I'm not a person particularly good in socialising or communicating.
My close/true frens that I've been known since secondary school will know what kind of person I really am.

In the issue of me being, well, probably a too quiet person, this blog might significantly change the perspectives people have on me-maybe.

That's about the introduction of this blog. There's alot more to come, definately.
To be honest, there's already a few attempts before this whereby I tried blogging other than Blogspot, but those attempts didn't really work out cuz
  • I'm lazy to update
  • Those sites are not convenient to use
  • ...& I'm basically not serious / not enough motivation / no inspiration to blog.
However, this time I'm confident this blog will be updated fairly frequently and constantly, probably MAYBE about 2-3 posts per week. But this is to the respect of whether I got things to write, whether I'm free enough, mood, & so on lah =).

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Kei said...

haha..finally. ur blog is nw created.

keep posting!