Monday, September 29

Happy Family~

2 days...


2 months!

Brandon Lim Kien Khin
Born on 21st July 2008 (bout a lil bit more than 2 months old now)
Who is he?? haha...none other than my beloved nephew...

He's my sister's 1st child since she got married in 2006.
Obviously, everyone in the family is happy lately, including relatives and friends of course.

Especially for my parents, they seem more jovial and halcyon since he's born. You can sense the joy in the atmosphere.

I mean of course-lah, the last time there was a baby AT HOME is year 1990, whereby the baby they carry that time was me! and that's about 18 years already. (and at last I'm not the youngest at home anymore, which is a good thing...)

And if you wonder how my sis n her husband look like, they're my brother n his girlfriend, Hayley Soh

ahh there's my sis n my brother-in-law =).


Amy said...


Kei said...

he is so cute!

- en[N]a. - said...

so surprised to see wing kit as the dad ! if i spell his name correctly. hahha. u had me there. =P super cute baby u have as a new member of the family by the way.

congratz. (:

Hayley said...

omg..dont ever scared ppl..thay i have a baby~


bUT..the fact is!!HE IS VERY CUTE

i like to chat with him~little ah boy