Thursday, December 18

Out of Randomness

The Oval, New Wing, 1 Utama themed stage

U mean Alice in Wonderland?

P/S: Ignore the annoying "peace" fingers.

The "beautiful" scene from the front of my house at different times of the day

Whole bunch of crazy people walking dangerously right in the middle of the tracks. Wait, who took this photo then?? (p/s: It shot-cuts to only 5 minutes from my house to the station only okayyy.........)

And then I spotted this menu in a restaurant called Boston located at Mont Kiara.
There's a few named categories such as "Relieve Your Stress Away", "Financial Meals", etc etc...But then the most eye catching one is this.

"For Biyatch Only". (Click for clearer view)
There's a whole list of funnily named drinks, from "Celebitchy", "Pussy Juice", "MILF"(if you know what that stands for), "My New BFF, Not!!!", and all d way to "Camel Toe"(I didn't know what that supposed to mean untill my friend Googled it), "Cream Pie" & "Absolutely Paris".

And it would be good if someone can translate all those Chinese words for me......

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