Monday, December 1


If you ever wonder(or notice), the reason for my long absentee is due to some reasons, except being busy. To be frank I ain't regret about not posting for some time, given that there's very little happening nowadays. There's also lacking of motivation to write, plus I feel quite lifeless nowadays. No life, in other words. Suffering from boredom. The problem is that, at times when I wake up in the morning, there's nothing to look forward to to the day.

And no I'm not working this time around. There's always a chance I don't get the chance to enjoy my savings. Certainly that had happened in the last 2 years. My bank account will never be stable. Not like I'm spending it. I tried to save it, but there's no use whenever someone always ask me to withdraw everything inside, and I will never get back the amount. And I can't say "No" to that. Do I have a choice? My phone I've purchased is a great example to what happened when I worked for a month, and get an amount of money. I've completely lost my patience at that moment. I don't want to elaborate much on that. But I can tell that it was under very, very controversial circumstances.

Overall, this holiday sucks. Until now, at least...

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