Monday, December 8


I'm supposed to blog about this few days ago, but I fell to a slight fever thanks to the suffocating headgear needed to wear while playing paintball! Yes the other day a group friends of mine went to Sungai Buloh's NPNG (No Pain No Gain) sport centre for their paintball. It was my 1st time playing paintball, so yeah it was a bit nervous.

It totaled up to 12 of us overall, which is being divided to 6 per team. We played two types of modes, which was Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing. I think you can already guess how these 2 gameplay works. Anyway, I don't know about other places, but this place uses guns which are attached by carbon dioxide canisters.

The problem with it is that, when shot, the pellets move more like in a slight projectile motion rather than in a straight line. Yes the pellets travel at high speeds (enough to break upon impact upon about 50m away at least, even hitting against soft skin), but still I expected them to be better, as seen on newspapers and tv last time. And I heard some places uses guns with some kinda air compression system, which are apparently more powerful.

The place consist of indoor, outdoor or in the jungle itselft nearby. The ones we played are only indoor and outdoor, as the people there don't really encourage you to wander into the jungle.



The vest provided are practically no use, as probably all of us who got shot are either head, or mostly arms, hands and shoulders. The vests are thin and only covers part of the torso. It's quite painful upon being shot, up to the extend of rupturing of blood vessel and leaving marks for a few days, at least. that's NOT my hand. It's not as fair.

The liquid inside the pellets are oily and gives a bright glowish colour. You would wanna rush back and bath after the game, especially after sweating and suffocating in the mask so much.

pellets used

Overall, I would say it was quite an experience for a first timer. Although you don't do much running like a football and basketball game, it's still as exhausting and tiring as them. And you wouldn't really play paintball too often, as it's quite pricey. And you wouldn't really enjoy it too much if you hold back too much of money as the price corresponds to the number of pellets you purchase. All in all, in 12 of us, each of us dug out RM74 for about 2,800 pellets for about close to 2 hours playing time.

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