Thursday, February 26

Tagged. By Cally Cal.

1. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things / habits / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
2. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tag and list their names.
3. No tags back!

1)I'm dead afraid of cockroaches. In fact, very terrified (untill may scream) when encounter 1 anywhere. [FACT]

2)I spend more time on the computer than the TV. [FACT]

3)I sleep with 2 comforters. [HABIT]

4)...Because I sleep with the air-cond set at 16 degree Celsius while a fan is blowing towards right in front of me. [WEIRD HABIT]

5)I'm quite coffee dependent, ie if I don't drink it in the morning I may doze off to sleep in the lecture hall, especially the morning classes. [HABIT]

6)I watch EVERY Arsenal game whenever possible, including 3.45am games during weekday mornings. [HABIT]

7)I love computer games, but I don't prefer online games. [FACT]

8)I replace wore off toothbrush most frequently in my family, as the average life span of each toothbrush I use is merely 3-4 weeks. [FACT]

9)I rue the horrible mistakes I did during my first relationship. [FACT]

10)I'm a fairly choosy person. Food, clothes, music, girls. You name it. [FACT]

11)I've NEVER been on a plane before. [FACT]

12)I crave for McD. It never fail to cross my mind whenever deciding where and what to have lunch. I'm probably addicted to it. [WEIRD FACT]

13)I want and I need a car but I feel I'll never get 1 anytime soon, in which I feel I'm handicapped by that fact, in a way. [FACT]

14)I have not experience the feeling of excitement of love nor serious infatuation for quite a long while now. [FACT]

15)This thing ate up some 1 hour something or so of time. So that means I kinda find it difficult to complete. But alas! done! [FACT]

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