Thursday, March 5

WFQ 9227

I think the photo says it all.

No not me. I'm not the one behind the wheel when it crashed. I'm not in the car during the accident either.

My brother and his girlfriend are fine. They somehow managed to escape from a possibly catastrophic finale with minor hand and leg injury respectively. Judging from the damage incurred on the car, most people would not have good feelings about the people inside, especially the one on the front passenger seat.

Thank God. I can't imagine what possible outcomes it could be on other days.

However, that can't being said the same to the car, because the degree of damage is so high that it's being totaled completely, and it has been written off from the streets.

Bye bye WFQ 9227.

1 comment:

Yuvaraj Sugapathy said...

Thank god, they are save. Very sorry, for what had happened though.

Take care.