Sunday, March 15

New York New York! Deli

My friends and I were at 1u the other day and we decided to have a try at the opened not very long ago New York New York Deli on the ground floor at the New Wing.

The menu

Since I've taken my lunch earlier, I juz ordered their dessert.

"Lake Chocolate"

It's basically a few pieces of mouth-bite sized fried bananas, some strawberries and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped on generous amount of mildly viscous warm chocolate, with sprinkles of icing. Not bad =)

I've never seen this restaurant anywhere else before, and 1u is probably it's first around Malaysia. I kinda like it's concept. The price is around rm10-15 for appetizers and desserts, burgers are around rm20, whereas main courses are more than rm30.

Worth a try!

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