Saturday, April 4

The Story So Far

Having played the GTA Vice City and San Andreas series, at last I managed to feel GTA IV today. (I know I'm kinda outdated, but hey, I'm unable to install the game in my pc because of it's ultra- high PC system requirements okay).

So since we completed our last paper for our trials today, which is Chemistry- For Bio takers there's still a paper on Monday- we went to cc. And I have to say, I immediately fell in love with it on the first time I ever played it. By far better than it's previous series.

It's such a superb game that I feel like trading in my current processor to the latest processors to support this game in my home. Damn oh damn. Why must the requirements be so damn sky high? Sigh.

Anyway, as mentioned the last paper is done, and overall I think i did OK. Personally, results for this term does NOT matter to me. Why oh why I'm studying A-levels. As I said before, I don't mind studying Physics and Chemistry. Or GP. Or even History. But why oh why I'm sitting for Maths, I don't know. I could've been studying culinary right now, I really could. Because that's the thing I enjoy most. Enginee- what? Who am I kidding?

The only thing I can do now is to get on with it untill the end of the year. After that, I might as well just fuck it, whatever the outcome is. I'm starting to feel what I have in my life right now is not what I want, and I'm not satisfied with what I have. Friends are always the best companions in life, because we're always in the same wavelength. So I really do appreciate my friends now, especially you who're reading this.

Others? Family? Are they the closest and the most important people in everyone's life? I'm really starting to doubt that. I feel questions are being raised on the inequalities at home.
I spend most of my time staring at the monitor and writing blog like this rather than with them. I think this statement contemplates exactly the the situation now.

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