Saturday, May 9


1 year gone. 1 year since I started A levels. And it just feels like yesterday.

In this post I'm going to get things straight and to the point.

1. I got fed up. Fed up of dreaded controversy between people around me. Fed up of living with the constant reminder of mistake of taking A levels. Fed up with TAR College life. AS exam starts next week and I'm seriously NOT doing anything at all about Maths paper. Let's face it, I'll be screwed enough to do AS Maths. And if it goes on, I'll be screwed deeper in A2. I got out of jail in SPM, really. I'm already struggling for some form of motivation for Maths SPM, and what makes ME think I'll work multiple times harder to strive in A-levels?

2. I'm a person who hates stress. I know it's essentially unavoidable, but I always reduce it. It's like if I work hard, I'll play harder. There's a constant direct proportionality in the relationship between those two. I don't favour locking myself in the study table in a room and study the whole day, irrespectable it's AS exam tomorrow. I prefer turning the music on while doing things, or study while seeping coffee away in a coffeeshop. I mean, that's how I do things. This give you a pretty good idea about the type of person I am when facing something "stressful", because exam does not really mean stress to me. Albeit it does not work all the time. As such a lazy and irresponsible person you think I am judging from what I wrote, I know I can achieve things provided I have the motivation and interest. If I wanna do something I really want, then I'm 100% determined to do it.

3. I don't care anymore. Not about exams, but in terms of friends and stuffs. I don't want to get involved anymore. No more posts like the previous 1 after this, definately. 1 year passed and A levels is less than half a year away. How much can happen in that period? The "I know you but I don't really know you" kind of interaction between people just does not work. I can't please everyone. I believe in chemistry. The type of bond that can only be formed through time and consistent togetherness. Sometimes having just a few close friends- friends that were built through thick and thin together- friends that you can trust- at the end of the day, are still the best people around you.- People in which you feel most comfortable with. I'm just going to complete this AS exam for now- and God knows if I'm going to even sit for A2 exam.

The message is clear, and I know- I might experience backlash after this, especially from some of you after reading this post, but that's how the url name of this blog came from.

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