Wednesday, April 22

The Story So Far II

"It's a norm that 98% of the boys will go for typical, pretty girls with long smashing hair". Extracted from Cal.

Yes I gotta agree with that. I mean, who in this world does not like pretty people? It goes equally to both sexes. Well, even if the term "pretty" is removed from the sentence, which would go like "It's a norm that 98% of the boys will go for typical girls with long smashing hair", I personally would think it still makes sense.

Somehow, girls with long, straight hair, finished off with a touch of highlight are more appealing. Well, in the sense that they are more attractive and more sexually appealing. It also gives a more feminine impression. Of course these are what I personally think.

But it's not necessary for all guys to treat their gf as accessories. What I can say is that, not all guys are like that.

In the society nowadays, looks do play a major and important role. I don't think one can 100% deny that. I think those who don't accept that are those who can't face the harsh reality of life in these days. Its like when 2 secretaries go for a job interview with man boss, one who's slim and pretty and the other is not so good looking, I believe the boss would choose the former one, regardless her qualifications are not as good as the latter's. After all, he's going to face her everyday at work, right? I mean, the human brain sends positive feedbacks to the body when the eye catches beautiful things, don't you think so? It kinda provide impetus for us and that's what keep us going. Applied to me, at least.

Oh, talking about looks and GF and BF and relating them together, some, if not one group of people condemn what look like a dubbed "miss-matched" couple. The only reason, I think, why this happened to them, whom I think are very happy with each other, is that the overall difference of aesthetic values between them. Don't get me wrong, I don't do that, and I wouldn't.

In fact, if looked at a different perspective, I've gotta say that that girl is one of a kind, one who does not mind the outer appearance of her bf. She's a smart girl- she knows what she's doing, she's mentally strong and I believe she chose the one who has the best inner quality, qualities that people from the outside would not be able to see.

To a specific group;
Instead of critisizing others, why not just concentrate on your own affairs and leave them alone. We don't know what's so special about him, none of us in our region knows, but it's isn't fair to judge people based on what could only be seen from the outside. It's quite difficult to type all these because you guys are my friends, but so do the ones from the other side.

As I said before, and I'm saying it again, I would prefer to keep myself in the balance between people, I prefer to be a neutral party in any case. I'm not specifically attached to certain groups of friends, and that's how I want to be.

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cHoCoLaTe TaSte said...

wow...I'm actually kinda impress with ur thinking..daring and realistic @.@