Wednesday, October 1

Happy Birthday...again!

While my birthday is on the 25th Sept, my mum's on 30th.

So, my family & I went to the Happy City Steamboat restaurant yesterday, located directly behind the famous Happy City food court at Metro Prima, Kepong.

The special thing about the steamboat is that, behind the normal tom-yam + normal soup pot, is a pot of plain porridge for u to put those raw foods in.

Another thing about the steamboat is their Seafood package, which costs RM118.00 for 5 person. That's about RM23.60 per person. However, that's never enough for 7 of us, therefore we ordered a few of the normal sets which totaled the bill up to about RM180.

Kinda recommended as the prawns in the Seafood set is very fresh, as it's still jumping around when the workers brought them to our table lol. So while they're still jumping around we juz threw them into the soup and porridge. Ouch...

After that, we went home and my sis bought a "a special" cake from Secret Recipe.

What so special about the cake? it's a combination of 7 types of completely different cheese cakes.

Not your ordinary birthday cakes =).

Since there's only 7 of us, & the portion of those normal RM70-RM80 whole cake is probably too much for us, so that'll just do it.

And that's about it. Talking bout birthdays, I would like to thank everyone who wished me, from SMSes, Friendster, Facebook, MSN, their blogs to people who wished me at college. Also, happy belated birthday to Dwight, Yasini, Shu Ying, and a few others librans.

Moving on the some other things, the other day I went Old Town with Ryan & Alex, in which I ordered Blackcurrent Yogurt Smoothie.

Other than that, there's nothing much special happening these days, but the movie Eagle Eye is a must-watch-no-matter-what sumwher in these holidays. Personally, I feel it's really anticipating. Untill then, goodbye for now.

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Kei said...

u hv so many 'happy' titled post ..haha

anyway, the cake is so creative.

-keep posting-