Sunday, November 9

The Effect of Studying Science...

According to the law of Physics, Work done is given by the equation of

Work done = Power applied x time

I see many people are quite serious about the test next week. Even the likes of Mei Mei will be absent from her blog for "at least 2 weeks or so". Actually, to be honest I feel it's not really an important test. Not for me personally, 'cause I'm not on scholarship anyway. Nonetheless, majority of people in the lecture hall don't carry scholarship. So why izit like everyone so stressed out about it?

I understand some of you are under pressure from family members, especially parents, while some of you wants to do well for your own personal reasons. That's good, but it's not the end of the world if you don't do well. A test is just a TEST, and this is NOT an EXAM. It's 2 different things. "Exam" sounds more scary and important than a "test", don't you think? Exam is the AS paper coming in May next year. And THAT is something you SHOULD worry much, much more about. (And that includes me as well. I AM worried about the AS).
-But not really this test.
I'm fairly confident I can at least pass all the papers except for Maths which probably may not make it, but even IF I fail my Maths, personally it does not have a catastrophic effect.

Back to the equation, how much work had u done? If you started studying a long time ago, that means you have accumulated much more time. Means even if you study(the power you give in) little by little everyday(constant studying), your work done is high.

On the other hand, even if you study at the LAST MINUTE(your time is little), your work done can be equal to the one above. This is provided that you apply a high amount of Power. (Equation: Work done = Power x time)

Conclusion: Last minute studying is NOT ALWAYS bad.

(However, your efficiency may be affected by these 2 methods...)

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