Monday, November 3


If you ever noticed, there's alot of local product's brand names that sounds so spoofing to the famous, giant brands.

For example, in the hypermarket, we got Cream-O that looks alot like Oreo based on their packaging and also the look of the cookie itself.

There's also ChipsPlus & ChipsMore.

There's also Asadi that sounds alot like Adidas, which to add the "unoriginality" of that, if you compare these 2 logos by the respect of their fonts,

It gives me an impression that these products are trying to be as successful as those well-known brands. But I feel that's not the right way cuz it sound n look so....unoriginal.

But lastly, I noticed this.

Straight away we know it rhymes with Oral-B, but I feel it sounds kinda weird...

Anyway, this post are just thought from random and there's nothing much to emphasize on them. Just touch n go. And this post may be lame, I know. And it's actually a waaay back post...back to a few weeks ago cuz I don't have enough resources to post them.


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