Monday, November 17


Haih. It's the time of the year again. Even I've undergone the "Sekolah Rendah" & "Sekolah Menengah" era, still the school holidays schedule never change. It's the year end 7 weeks break! Is it a good or a bad period to have this long break? I wouldn't say it's a bad thing. However I disagree to say it's the best thing that can happen either right now. Why good? simply because it's HOLIDAYS! who doesn't like holidays huh? The word indicates time to relax, chill, forget everything about stress and studies, and basically everything good. On the other hand, it's kinda bad cause I feel just when I feel I'm starting to get along with everyone associated at college, the holidays came. I mean, holidays are good, but it's not the best time for it to come.

What to do? Work? I've done that a few years back. This year, I'm not really sure whether I want to work anot. Probably yes...maybe no. No mood to work. Work for what? Find money? Past time? Money ain't the most important thing to me right now. Contributed by the fact that I'm still single, of course.

Sometimes I feel some things I do are not appreciated enough by people. Treat them so good for what? What do you get? Do they even appreciate it? Do they even think about your intentions? Do you get what you probably expected them to do? To you they may be your top priority in life. But how bout them? You may just be a minority to them.

Anyway, back to holidays, I wish everyone happy holidays, for you who're reading this, take care and goodbye.


lee peng said...

happy holiday.

Kei said...

Happy Holidays!

Angelina Verena said...

happy holidays dude!
do link me up aite? =)