Friday, November 7

The Last Routine

What's this?

Tadaa! A flower-shaped highlighter.

Hahah seems like I'm too bored. On the background is Chemistry as you can see. Haha.... test is next week.

Today is the last day of a normal schedule day for semester 1 (and for this year as well). It felt very...empty today. You can feel the nullness in the lecture hall. Mass number of people did not turn up for classes. Of course lah, why wouldn't people stay at home and study. The lecturers had all completed teaching the syllabus anyway.

To be honest, time really blaze past in seconds. I still could remember the very 1st day of college in May, it's still clearly stamped in my mind now. In the first few weeks everyone seemed to be so exited and turned up for each and every single classes. The hall WAS at least 85% full. But, who cares now anyway?

It really seemed like it's yesterday and it's already 6 months since the course started. Half a year left for the crucial AS exam. Sometimes it's hard to believe it, really.

I admit, I WILL miss going to classes somewhere in the middle of the 1 and a half month holidays which will start on 15th of Nov. Because I will NOT be going to any vacations during that time. That's as far as my family are concerned, of course. What am I going to do in the long holidays? I MIGHT be returning to Chili's Grill & Bar in Mid Valley- as a food server/waiter. At about the same time last year, I worked there- but as a kitchen helper/cook.

Anyway, for now I just want to do well for Chemistry & Physics. My highest hope for the subjects are A for the former & B for the latter. GP...probably a B will do fine. Expectations too high? Too ambitious? I would say maybe.

Maths? Pass also very happy already. Happier than IF I got A for Chemistry.

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