Friday, January 30


In 1u

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the time of the year again. To me, so far this celebration has been quite more or less similar to the previous few years. The 1st day is the busiest and the most important day, while the subsequent days are less busy and normal.

As usual, family members got together for family reunion.
For me, I don't need to "go back to hometown" because my "hometown" is just 5 minutes drive away from my house!

Niways, baby Brandon is now 6 months old.
While he's grown up a little bit, he stil not close to sitting properly, crawling, nor walking though..

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow I'm going to friend's houses to "pai nin", as planned. Oh wait! Supposedly I have class tomorrow! lol! Am I going? Nahhh.......

p/s: I would've go if and only if I've got something to look forward to there....BUT...nahhhhh..

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