Tuesday, January 20


It's flattering.

It's flattering to got to know someone like her.

A chance like that is always welcomed, knowing that they don't come often.

You may say that she's just an ordinary college girl, but to me she's outstanding.

"She got her own thing", put it that way, If you know what I mean.

Fair to say that all along since I've known a number of girls since college started, she's the one that really impressed me.

I like her.

No, not in the way that I'm planning to pursue her, not like that. She's occupied, fyi.

I like her for the way she are. From her first impression and her style.

...And I've got no plans to try and have a go at her.

That said, though, she crosses my mind now and then.

& I feel happy to see her, talk to her.

Yes, I concede I'm captivated.

...But I apprehend, this is all, nothing more.

For now, simple friends will do.

p/s: "she" will remain anonymous.

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Hayley said...

wow~gossip a bit~who is "she"?lol