Wednesday, January 14


I'm sorry for the long absentee. Has been kinda busy lately with various reasons.
Highlights - College restarted. And bad results. If I'd to not waste 1.5 years at college, I have to do better especially in the AS exam. And I know it. And I'm feeling abit of regret for joining A-levels science. I mean WHY??? Not like I hate science, no. In fact I fairly like it. BUT Maths IS a resounding problem. I mean, I got out of jail in SPM with 7D, and now I quite literally plunging back to hell. What the hell, man?

Other things I'm busying is preparing for Chinese New Year!, of course. Been out the whole weekend, looking for clothes and so on.

For those college people reading this, I found out that eating sausage bun with 2 spoons of pineapple fried rice from canteen 1 is a very bad idea. It just so happened that the other day I ate a sausage bun and at the same time, one of my classmate ordered pineapple fried rice(yes it's yellow in color). As I've never tried before, I took 2 spoons of those rice after eating my bun. It's alright untill few hours later. I vomitted. I was in the car with my friend, driving home when I told him to pull over, barely minutes after we got on the car. Thankfully I did not puked inside the car. He stopped at the bus stop when I immediately vomitted straight after opening the door. And yes it's yellow...

Anyway, I'm anticipating for the Chinese New Year now. Till then, thats all for now. Bye.

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lee peng said...

haha, sorry about that a.
( pineapple fried rice.)