Friday, January 2

Bye 8. Hi 9.

So it's been another year gone by. Personally i feel the year of the rat is not the most happening year to me. For the world, of course 2008 has affected the people, particularly the election of Barack Obama & the global financial crisis.

Few highlights in 2008 are like my name "Lucas" emerged out of nowhere. Some of my secondary school mates are like, "Lum/Wing Tatt! Since when your name is Lucas??" And then I entered college. TAR College. To be honest, at first I'm kinda reluctant to become a 'tarcian' because, as everyone knows, it's a place majorly accomadated with mandarin-speaking people. I knew I would have problem communicating. But due to my so-so SPM results and the financial state of my family, I don't have many choice really, + this is only Pre-U.

In terms of family, my sister gave birth to little Brandon, which made a significant change of the way of life of my sister and her husband. Everyone in the family loves him alot, and surely there's much more to come from him in the years upcoming years.

In terms of friends, when you go to college, of course, you'll make friends, and that's what happen. I admit I'm not good at interacting with people at times, particularly when I'm verbally handicapped in which I don't receive education on the vastly used language in TARC.

Thanks for the people who celebrated my 18th birthday with me, I truly appreciate it.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I know I did, and I regret that.

Of course, I still keep in touch with secondary school mates, particularly during these long holidays. I believe strong chemistry do exist between people, especially when they've known each other for a long time, or doing things together, seeing and chatting with each other everyday, etc.

In terms of love life, 08 has been a quiet year. I don't have real crush or infatuation on anyone. Maybe I can't find the one, already used to being single, or probably I'm just feeling tired mentally to even build a consistent relationship with them.

In terms of academics, other than college 3rd test paper, there's nothing much important about 2008. 2009 will promise to be more crucial by a mile.

In terms of family; The focus will be based on the growth on Brendon. Other than that, things will presumably be normal and harmonic.

In terms of friends; Chemistry between them grows with time, so I do expect a better understanding with them, especially college friends.

In terms of love life; I do expect I'll stay single for another year. Leave alone capabilities, I don't meet the very minimal requirements to even have a girlfriend - (1)Car and (2)Money. Let's be realistic- I don't wanna end up in a scenario whereby she drives all the way down to MY house to fetch ME to date. Or being in a situation whereby I had to ask my dad "Dad, I need some cash to go dating!". I had to earn my own income first.

In terms of academics, as mentioned, this year promises to be such a crucial year as the AS and A2 examinations will be commenced. And this year will mark the end of my Pre-U studies.

Overall, I rate 2008 B-. Not the best year, really.
And lastly,


All the best for 09'.

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