Saturday, October 11

About Love & Attractions

I wanted to write, but initially I duno wat to write, then I asked
Kei for opinions la, she said write bout girls, frens, daily life n funny things wor. I honestly feel there's nothing much to spit out at this moment (or these few days) cuz life is just isn't happening enough. Not like I'm a person who likes to write about what I did da whole day, from listing who I went out with la, go where la, this la, that la. Not like I'm reporting about the day. But the truth is that there's nothing much happening to me lately. Good and bad.

However, apparently there's alot of things happening AROUND me, from people who broke off from relationships to people who juz started new love. For the couple who disintegrated, I feel kinda sorry for the male because apparently it's the female who discharged herself under pathetic reason. Honestly speaking, she attracted me with her appearence once in the very early times since the semester commenced. But no. Not now, not few months ago, no more already. Nevertheless, I feel the guy have enough quality in terms of appearence to attract his opposite sex.

For the couple who juz got together, well I don't know exactly how many people around me who got off to their relationships lately, but this particular couple it's kinda significant and "something to talk about" as the girl is, well, I think it's fair for me to say that she's one of the best looking ones in the DK. And I feel people will agree with me. (DK stands for Dewan Kuliah for those who don't know ; a lecture hall)

For the guy, I describe him as lucky. Really, it's a must to treasure, take care and appreciate her. And to you who feels you're the one I'm emphasizing about, congratulations and have great times ahead. Well, you will anyway.

Anyway, to other things, talk bout girls, to be honest, they can only get better. A glance around the college will tell you that. They tend to know much better to dress up, and outstand themselves. Some of them are which I describe them as "head turners" ; Some keeps you wondering whether they're pretty or not when you look at them from far or in a position whereby you can't really see their faces clearly ; Some have high sex appeal - Sex appeal doesn't exactly mean only their tight, short clothes, it's combined with the way they look and the eye contact they give you ; Some are cute and gives you the "please-take-care-of-me" look ; While some are just typical "leng luis" in which usually the Chinese guys describe as ; And lastly there's the categorically few ones whom I want to be with them for the rest of my life.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but it's just the way guys are. This is because apparently, the fact is that, not to mean anything, but most of the readers here are ladies - am I right to say so? It's human nature for males to look at females anyway - and vice versa.

Lastly, the final test for this year will be conducted in merely a month, and honestly i haven't actually really study anything yet - especially maths, which i got 7D for SPM. Great huh. Nonetheless, I feel I can do Chemistry and Physics.

Probably not.

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