Tuesday, October 21


First of all I'm sorry for the voidness of updates in these few days. Well, not like I don't wanna update, it's just that the stupid DSL kept blinking. Really having lousy connections in these 2 days. And I'm thankful that at least it's just started to function more stabily now.

Anyway, in this post I'll touch about what happened in the previous days, impressions of me being upset about certain issues, and focus ahead of the upcoming weeks.

Last few days had been average. Even today actually, is arguably the worst.
The weekend is dull and boring. Arguably due to the crappy internet connection. Besides, I'm not like a person who loves watching TV and can go on all day sitting on the couch staring the box. Astro is really kinda shitty on EVERY weekends, especially during the afternoon. I don't know bout you guys la, but all of those programmes doesn't suit me at all. Premier movies at night are also dumby. HBO premiered Georgia Rule on Sunday- starred by Lindsay Lohan. I hate her, really.
Also, it's very routine and gloomy due to the rainy days and it can only be summarised by a word- boring.

Yesterday is Monday. There's nothing much to talk bout yesterday really, as my class finished on 11. I feel it's too early. Today finished at 12. Tomorrow suddenly jumps to 4pm. Lousy schedule i feel. Anyway, back to today, I'm late for 8am Physics class. Reached DK only 1/2 an hour later. Not that I intended to be late, but my car pool friend is late. Other than that I got nothing else to comment on that.

About impressions that I'm upset with what happened regarding the 'girl' I mentioned about in the previous 2 posts, I would say that it doesn't affect me at all- in any way. There's no such thing whereby I have impressions of being jealous or wat, not at all. It's just a touch-n-go comment on them, nothing more than that. So Cal, don't misunderstood okay... I'm perfectly fine.

Lastly, the final test will be on from 11 to 14/15 I think. It's not a big test or wat, nothing too serious about that. However, If I DO fail, that will be a problem especially when it comes to the Parents-Lecturers Day. The main cause for concern is Maths. A MAJOR concern. I also don't know how I'm gonna actually sit there alone and do it.

Nonetheless, at least the lecturer, Miss Melissa gave tips today. So that would be a cause for optimism. Other than that, I feel I can only start concentrating seriously on Chemistry & Physics only a week before the test, as it looks like I don't have the "exam pressure" yet.

Anway, sorry if this post bores you, as that's how the nature my life is now in these few days.

Bye and take good care of yourself =).

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