Thursday, October 16

Happy Birthday Brigette!

This is what you get when you skip tutorial classes at TAR College.

(Click for clearer view)

They send the letters directly to your house, with either your father/mother's name on it. Apparently, if you miss more than 1 tutorial class in a month, you're gonna get it.
The moral of the story: Don't skip more than once. One per month is OK.

The reason why I missed those classes is that, it's on Wednesday, the day I got 1 Chemistry tutorial, 2 General Paper tutorials, 1 Maths Applied lecture, 1 Physics tutorial and finally 1 Maths Applied tutorial. Basically all the tutorials crammed up in a day in which the Maths Applied tutorial is on 3-4pm.

By that time, it's already tiring + lose concentration + I don't do Maths homework + I hate maths + I have to walk to LRT station to go KL Central, change to KTM, wait for the train, then travel to Segambut where finally I have to walk another 25 mins to reach home. That adds up to about 1 hour 15 mins from the train at LRT station. Very sien 1 okayyy....... understand abit laa...

But anyway I don't plan to skip anymore lah, as the test will commence in 3 weeks time, plus at least Miss Evelyn is one of the better looking lecturers at TARC.

To other things, few are acknowledged that the other day, I made a card to someone for her birthday. Her name is Brigette. It's actually my first time making a card for someone on the person's birthday. It took quite much longer than I expected to complete it. I bought those papers in the evening, and started work at around 9.30pm. The inside of the card itself it took very long. By the time wanted to do the cover of the card, before I knew it, it's already 1am.
Progress at 12:04am, 15 Oct 08, her birthdate.

Thankfully, for the very first time, my class on Wednesday this week started on 11am, unlike the other 8am classes. So I woke up at 7.30am, and continued doing it and at last it's done. Sorry lah I didn't manage to take pictures of the end product of the card because I didn't thought of it + I don't have time for it. In the end I'm fairly happy with the card, and I really hope she'll like it anyway.

Nonetheless, I feel it's a hard work paid off. After all, why not?

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