Tuesday, October 7

College Returns

I'm back to college!... or shall I say, college is back!

The fact that after a week break, the thing that matters most is not that I go back to college, see friends, study, and so on...

The more important thing is that people from all around the diplomas are back after a few weeks of holidays. TARC is not TARC when those people are not around, if you know what I mean. So used to having multicellular organisms with genetic chromosome arrangement of XX walking around. But when their holidays started, poof! it's like college has lost it's gloss.

But now the fact is that they're back, the fact is that it's alot more interesting there, and certainly the overall environment and atmosphere lingering around the college have improved massively. I'm sorry, but college is kinda dull when it's not in the "full team". Teehee!=)

Anyway, the other day I just bought Year of the Gentleman! At last...And on the same day bought the much awaited FIFA09. And on the same day watched Eagle Eye. All in 1u. Eagle Eye does not dissapoint at all. It's really good. 4.5/5. Certainly 1 of the best movies I've watched this year. Niway thanks to Rodney for da ride. I owe u aite man...

It's 11.08pm now. Gotta go do Chem tutorial. Mr David Loh's class tomorrow. Hehe!
Adios warm-blooded creatures.

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